19 Mar

Bit early on in the year for this kind of post but sadly it’s true.

There I was idling my way through the middle of Richmond Park when I noticed the mudguard on my commuter bike was rubbing. Being a road racer crud contraption I thought just moving the toggle down the fork a bit would solve it. Something I’ve done many times before. So trivial in fact that I thought I would just do it as I was riding along….

So as you can probably work out the next thing that happened involved spokes and my arm. Indeed before I knew what was happening my arm had been sucked into the wheel (gloves probably caught a bit of the spike and the rest followed) and I had been thrown over the bars landing hard on my shoulder on the road. My head bit the deck quite hard too, luckily m helmet did a good job on that front.

So after stumbling up, pretending to be brave to a passer by by saying I was fine I looked over the damage The bike with the exception of one spoke was fine. Me however not quite as well off

I’ve lost a lot of skin from one of my fingers, managed to bit half of the inside of my cheek off, which irritatingly has now turned into a huge ulcer (pain horrific) and I have really hit my shoulder hard. I got back on the bike and did the rest of the 14 miles to work and I knew something was up, every bump or move and it felt like my shoulder was coming out of its socket and it was very painful.

This was Friday morning, I managed to struggle through a turbo session on Sunday, but decided yesterday that the hospital was a good idea. Hour or two and an x ray later and I did get some positive news in that there were no breaks. But I had damaged one of my ligaments so have to spend a few days in a sling before I go back.

It is all starting to feel a bit better but just pissed off with myself. Hopefully I can get back to racing soon but it certainly won’t be this weekend and I fear it may not be the one after either.

Lesson here is of course don’t be an idiot like I was and if you must adjust something near moving parts. Doing when so you’re stationary. Or get your teamcar to do it 😉

Onwards and upwards!

2 Responses to “Injury”

  1. Odhrán March 20, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    That’s really bad luck considering the amount of times we all adjust small things while moving and just don’t think about it. Take your time to recover properly and hopefully you’ll be back before you know it.

  2. Captain Buckles May 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Hahaha this reminds me of me a few years ago, but it involved a plastic cup in my front wheel

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